Being an independent dealer of products and services, Tipton Systems is always striving to keep our customers up to speed with the most recent technology not only on the hardware side, but the software side as well.  Over the last ten years, our industry has seen a lot of change, especially with imaging and payment processing.  We’ve been involved with both ever since Check 21 was passed, which allowed a scanned imaged of a check to become the legal document.  You can break our software solutions into two different categories, banking and payment processing:


Every time you think that you’re up to speed with the latest and greatest imaging product on the market, something new seems to be introduced.  You can rely on Tipton System to help keep you up to speed.  We have a partnership with Jaguar Software, a local Illinios based company who has been doing nothing but working with bank imaging and payment processing software for the last 14 years.  Jaguar offer a full line of check imaging software, including the following:  POD,branch capture,remote deposit, ATM “image enabled”, lock box, and mobile deposit.  Most importantly with Jaguar Software, they have a superior support staff.

Payment Processing:

In the past, processing payments was a monotonous task that required a lot of labor.  Then came technology that helped make the processing more efficient, but the only problem was that it was way too expensive for small to medium sized operations.  Luckily, the technology has improved and pricing has come down significantly so now everyone can afford a system to help process their payments more efficiently.  Tipton Systems is proud to offer solutions to the three columns of payment processing: check, cash, and online bill pay checks.  Check and cash payments are by far the most common type of payment, typically making up for around 75% of all payments.  However, there’s another type of payment that has historically flown under the radar but is now being address by more and more companies; online bill pay checks.  These checks are originated by a customer using their banks online bill pay site.  A check is then cut and ends up at the payee without any remittance form with an account number listed on the check, therefore taking minutes to process one check.  Contact us to find out how you can save 60-70% of your labor cost associated with processing mail with a remittance system, balance your cash drawer within a minute, and eliminate 99% of the online bill pay checks.