Cassida Pro Zeus

Defining a new dawn in 2-pocket currency discriminators.

With its unparalleled bill recognition, advanced counterfeit detection capabilities and detailed count reporting functions, Zeus packs amazingly strong features into a compact body.

  • Count new or worn bills smoothly without jamming
  • Keyboard has hot keys for faster mode changes, less scrolling
  • Full color LCD screen can be skinned lighter or darker for user comfort
  • Dual Clear and Start keys make Zeus ergonomically comfortable for both right and left handed users
  • Automated, patented dust shield lowers currency dust levels for users.

Non-stop counting for higher efficiency and productivity

Advanced 2-pocket design means you never have to stop for a counterfeit, wrong denomination or incorrect face. Those bills go to the reject pocket while you continue counting.

Ergonomic design for easy use

Zeus was designed with you in mind. Its ultra-friendly interface lets you immediately become comfortable with modes, hot keys and counting functions. You’ll get up to speed quickly…and so will your team. Expect exceptional productivity with minimal training, because Zeus streamlines productivity without being overly complicated.

Innovative technology for better security and fewest rejects of any discriminator in its class

  • Zeus uses high definition and full color infrared scanning on both sides of every bill to ensure unsurpassed denomination recognition and counterfeit detection.
  • Zeus uses full-line UV scanning, compared to conventional discriminators that use spot scanning.
  • Additional authentication is provided by the proprietary Cassida M® Algorithm, based on technical research of millions of circulating bills.

More uptime, less downtime — engineered for quiet reliability and lower maintenance

Zeus utilizes an innovative, patented motor drive system that eliminates multiple motors and drive rollers, resulting in a more efficient, quieter and lighter weight machine that has fewer serviceable parts.

Extremely quiet operation — speak easily and conduct business while Zeus runs quietly in the background.

Cassida Pro Series Zeus sets the benchmark for processing cash in busy banks, credit unions, casinos and retailers. Zeus is the easiest-to-use, quietest, lowest weight, heavy duty 2-pocket discriminator on the market today.


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