Check and document scanners come in all shapes and sizes with so many options you practically need a PhD to figure out which one(s) will work for you and your unique situation.  That’s not even mentioning the restrictions your core might put on which ones will work with their system. Let us help you navigate the process.

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Maverick MX3 Touch Check Encoder

Maverick's new MX-3 Touch Exception Item Encoder has both a standard keyboard for quick entry and a touchscreen for navigation!
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Digital Check TS240

From the 5th generation scanners of Digital Check, the TS240 delivers greater performance than previous models and is easier to deploy and maintain than any other desktop scanner.
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Canon CR-190i II

DYNAMIC AND RELIABLE PERFORMANCE Capable of scanning up to 190 items per minute,* the CR-190i II check transport can perform real-time, dynamic, four-line endorsement.
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Canon CR-150 Check Scanner

Enhance traditional check processing with the easy to operate Canon imageFORMULA CR-150 compact check transport.
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Digital Check Smart Source Pro Elite Check Scanner

Designed for everyday use at the teller window, or for high-volume RDC, the SmartSource Pro Elite now features speeds up to 170 documents per minute, plus a variety of configuration options.
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Digital Check TellerScan TS500

The TellerScan TS500 teller capture scanner represents a breakthrough in document capture at the branch. As fast as the production scanner/sorters at the back counter, smaller than many teller window check scanners, and ready for the connected branch of the future, it is poised to be the check scanner of choice for bank branches around the world.
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Canon DR-6010 Document Scanner

Canon DR-6010

The image FORMULA DR-6010C office scanner delivers high-speed, reliable document handing and high-quality images in a small package.
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Jaguar Check Processing Software

Jaguar Software is committed to developing and delivering affordable, user friendly, effective check processing software.
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Canon DR-M160

Well suited for workgroups and departments in any industry, the DR-M160II scanner provides the basis for efficient records management and helps reduce paperwork.
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Canon DR-S150 Office Document Scanner

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