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The average bill is counted 17 times from the time it enters your branch until it leaves your branch. Imagine how much time your team is wasting counting cash by hand repeatedly throughout their day. Cash automation allows technology to accurately and securely count your cash, while your staff focuses their valuable time doing things that really matter to you.

Use the power of innovative Teller Cash Recyclers utilizing high-capacity, high speed and high security machines. Teller Cash Recyclers are a teller-friendly solution that delivers optimal efficiency, convenience and security – all while allowing you to build better relationships with your customers all while helping you increase profitability at the same time. Tipton Systems is the leading expert in Missouri for Teller Cash Recyclers, let our team assist you in determining which solution is best for your needs. Your experience with our team will surpass your expectations through the learning process, the installation, training and support – you are not alone through this process when you choose Tipton Systems as your partner!

Don’t have the space for a Teller Cash Recycler but still want to take advantage of the many benefits? Then let us help you incorporate high-speed Currency Discriminators or Currency Counters into your teller line or vault.

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Kisan Mini

High Performance, Full color double-sided CIS Auto Currency Recognition, Premium Counting Process, Check or Voucher Scanner Forex Function Serial Number Reading (OCR), Streamlined Design. Sturdy/Compact/Sensible.
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Kisan K3A

3-A is a heavy duty sorter with advanced detection technology and is specially targeted for tellers and bank branches handling bulk cashes.
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QuickCounts by Tipton Systems

QuickCounts is the fastest way to process large cash transactions. With integration into ANY teller system. QuickCounts verifies the amount of mixed deposit and automatically enters the total of each denomination into the cash count screen. 
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The Cassida Pro Series Apollo packs all of the power of the Zeus in a new, more affordable one-pocket platform. Apollo boasts the same superior bill recognition technology, superior counterfeit detection, information-rich reporting and friendly user interface for the Cassida Pro Series has become known.
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Hyosung MS500

The world of cash automation has remained stagnant for quite some time.  Many of the same products have remained on the market with the same capabilities- until now.  
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LTA-380 Cash Recycler

Transform the branch experience. Put the focus back on your customers with a more secure, accurate, and efficient way to handle cash. The LTA-380 features an 8” user-friendly touch screen, the largest screen on the market, and a compact design that accommodates all retail footprints.
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Cassida Pro Zeus

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Billcon N-131A Currency Counter

If you're looking for an affordable, accurate and high-quality note counter...your search is over. The Billcon N-Series Note Counters offer you all this...and so much more. Heavy duty construction, sleek design and 1,500-note-per-minute speed...all in one compact machine.
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Magner 75 Currency Counter

The 75 Series offers the technology, performance, and productivity you expect from MAGNER® - the global leader in desktop currency counters. 
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