QuickCounts by Tipton Systems

QuickCounts is the fastest way to process large cash transactions. With integration into ANY teller system. QuickCounts verifies the
amount of mixed deposit and automatically enters the total of each denomination
into the cash count screen.  QuickCounts saves time and money by
significantly speeding up the customer transaction, improving cash count
accuracy, and allowing for more efficient balancing.

  • Automatic Integration into ANY Teller System
  • Speed up the customer transaction
  • Improve cash counting accuracy
  • Fewest rejects of good bills in the industry
  • Advance counterfeit detection
  • Compact design fits right in the teller window
  • NO software to install
  • Completely stop manual entry of cash counts

“Every person in the teller department loved it! Not only did the QuickCounts solution help the tellers process cash transactions faster, cash outages decreased at the branches, and the bank was able to have greater efficiencies!”

-VP Operations


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